Module 1 Women’s Guide To Banking in Saudi Arabia

Module Overview01:16
Women and Banking in Saudi Arabia Introduction01:13
Banking and Services in Saudi Arabia06:10
International Transfer of Funds01:16
Guide to Opening an Offshore Account09:37
Banking Security and Fraud in Saudi Arabia02:38
Banking Considerations Introduction00:32
Banking Needs and Preferences00:40
Checkpoint Quiz 1
Considering Factors Before Opening a Bank Account in Saudi Arabia00:46
Consider and Assistance Creating an Account01:02
Bank Account Types in Saudi Arabia02:23
Saudi Arabian Banking Options02:18
Women’s Guide to Opening and Managing Bank Accounts Introduction00:35
Women’s Guide to Open a Personal Bank Account01:58
Women’s Guide to Open a Business Bank Account01:06
Women’s Guide to Open a Bank Account for Underaged Children01:16
Women’s Guide if Saudi Arabian Bank Account is Denied01:47
Available Bank Account Options01:51
Account Administration in Saudi Arabia01:08
Checkpoint Quiz 2
Changing Banks in Saudi Arabia00:51
Saudi Arabian Bank Account Closure01:10
Women’s Guide to Mobile Banking in Saudi Arabia Introduction01:50
Development of Saudi Arabia’s Digital Banking Industry02:23
Mobile Banking in Saudi Arabia01:17
Mobile Banking Features in Saudi Arabia02:26
Women’s Guide to Opening a Mobile Banking Account in Saudi Arabia01:12
Mobile Banking Costs in Saudi Arabia00:44
About Mobile Banking Security in Saudi Arabia00:58
Suggestions for Safeguard Your Online Account01:03
Checkpoint Quiz 3
Module 1 : Summary
Module Assessment

Module 2 Women’s Guide to Foreign Money Transfers in Saudi Arabia

Course Final Assessment

Course Outro

The Banking System in Saudi Arabia
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