Women’s Guide to Banking and Money Transfers in Saudi Arabia

Viktorija Isic
Last Update January 31, 2024
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About This Course

As a woman, navigating banking and money transfers in Saudi Arabia requires understanding the financial system and gender-specific considerations. To guide banking and money transfers, research and select a reputable bank by considering factors like convenience, services offered, fees, and the bank’s reputation. This course informs how to choose an account type that suits your needs, such as current accounts, savings accounts, and investment accounts, as well as opening an account by visiting a branch, preparing the necessary documents, and obtaining a letter from your employer. Furthermore, the course dives into ensuring the bank offers Sharia-compliant banking services. Saudi Arabia operates under Islamic principles and utilizes online and mobile banking services to manage accounts, make payments, transfer funds, and access financial services from anywhere. Furthermore, the course explores money transfer options, currency exchange, ATM usage, financial planning and investments, and financial education to make informed decisions.

Learning Objectives

To navigate banking and money transfers in Saudi Arabia as a woman by researching and selecting a reputable bank, considering factors like convenience, services, fees, and bank reputation.
Choosing the proper Saudi bank account for your current savings and investment accounts.
Open an account at a bank branch, preparing necessary documents like a passport, residency permit, address proof, and employer letter.
Familiarize yourself with Islamic banking principles and choose a bank offering Sharia-compliant services.
Learn about online and mobile banking services for convenient account management, payments, and financial access.
Learn about Saudi Arabian banks' money transfer options, and compare fees, processing times, and exchange rates to find the most cost-effective option.
Learn about Saudi Arabia's offers, licensed currency exchange offices, and banks for currency exchange, comparing rates and fees for the best value.
Learn about cash withdrawals and transactions, ensure easy access, take precautions, and protect PIN and card information.
Learn how to seek professional advice for financial planning and investment decisions using Saudi banks' services and products like mutual funds and Islamic options.
Improve financial literacy in Saudi Arabia by staying informed about personal finance, banking, and investment practices.
Ensure banking practices and regulations vary across institutions; visit websites or contact banks for specific services, fees, and requirements.

Target Audience

  • Women who are looking to navigate banking and money transfers in Saudi Arabia and/or anyone looking to learn more about the modern banking and money transfers in the Kingdom.


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Course Intro

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Introduction00:01:59Preview
Women’s Guide to Banking and Money Transfers in Saudi Arabia – Intro2:04Preview
Instructor Intro00:02:03

Module 1 Women’s Guide To Banking in Saudi Arabia

Module 2 Women’s Guide to Foreign Money Transfers in Saudi Arabia

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