Course Intro

Module 1 Historical Heritage and Geographic Region

Module 2 Government Structure

Module 3 Economy of Saudi Arabia

Economy Introduction03:11
Gross Domestic Product02:47
Building a Modern Economy03:56
Diversified Economy in Industrial Cities04:51
Development Plans within Economic Structure04:06
The Government Support for Private Sector03:24
Global Trade03:43
Module 3 Summary

Module 4 Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and Investment Opportunities

Module 5 Women’s Expectations and Protocols

Module 6 Women’s Social Etiquette in Saudi Arabia

Module 7 Business Protocol and Work Culture for Women

Module 8 Women’s Guide to Negotiations Across Cultures

Module 9 Women’s Rights In Saudi Arabia Introduction

Module 10 Women’s Guide To Banking in Saudi Arabia

Module 11 Women’s Guide to Foreign Money Transfers in Saudi Arabia

Module 12 Women’s Guide to Housing in Saudi Arabia

Module 13 Tourism, Culture and Entertainment

Module 14 Economic Outlook 2024 in Saudi Arabia

Course Final Assessment

Course Outro

Global Position in the Marketplace
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