Module 1 Women’s Expectations and Protocols

Module 2 Women’s Social Etiquette in Saudi Arabia

Module Overview01:28
Women’s Nomenclature02:55
Women’s Manner of Communicating08:29
Meeting and Greeting02:30
Checkpoint Quiz 1
Etiquette for Gift Giving For Professional Career Women in Saudi Arabia08:41
Restaurants and Women’s Social Dining Protocol03:46
Checkpoint Quiz 2
Saudi Arabia’s Hospitality05:22
Interpretation of Time and Effects on the Culture in Saudi Arabia03:46
Additional Do’s and Don’ts in Saudi Arabia04:16
Checkpoint Quiz 3
Module Assessment
Module 2 Summary

Module 3 Business Protocol and Work Culture for Women

Module 4 Women’s Guide to Negotiations Across Cultures

Module 5 Women’s Rights In Saudi Arabia Introduction

Course Final Assessment

Course Outro

Private and Intimate Sphere
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