Module 1 Women’s Expectations and Protocols

Module Introduction02:00
International Reputation01:33
Basis of Social and Family Structure00:58
Interdependence of the Community01:08
Honour (Sharaf)02:18
Protectiveness (Gheera)00:53
Identity of Tribes and Bedouins01:21
Additional Cultural Considerations03:02
Checkpoint Quiz 1
Introduction to Islam00:41
Islam and It’s History02:22
Muslims Praying Manners00:50
Home of Muslims01:21
Difference between Sunni and Shia in Islam01:22
Islamic Principles and Beliefs01:07
Meaning of Allah in Islam00:27
The Belief System and Religion01:10
Checkpoint Quiz 2
Significant Events and Celebrations01:03
Importance of Ramadan for Muslims01:01
Fasting During Ramadan01:03
Implications of Ramadan on Daily Routines and Working Hours01:25
Consumption of Food and Beverages Throughout Ramadan01:05
Practice and Meaning of Iftar01:40
Eid Holiday and Other Notable Events04:09
Checkpoint Quiz 3
Module 1 Summary
Module Assessment

Module 2 Women’s Social Etiquette in Saudi Arabia

Module 3 Business Protocol and Work Culture for Women

Module 4 Women’s Guide to Negotiations Across Cultures

Module 5 Women’s Rights In Saudi Arabia Introduction

Course Final Assessment

Course Outro

Gender Segregation
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