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Living and Working as a Professional Career Women in Saudi Arabia Essentials

86 Lessons
All Levels
What you'll learn
Obtain a Saudi Arabian work visa, comply with immigration and labor laws, and understand the process, documentation, and profession-specific restrictions.
Secure suitable accommodation for professionals, considering factors like workplace proximity, safety, amenities, and transportation access.
Prioritize health and safety by familiarizing with local healthcare, finding reliable providers, and adhering to safety guidelines.
Embrace local culture, customs, and social etiquette while maintaining a professional identity in Saudi Arabia, building positive relationships.
Understand and follow Saudi Arabia's conservative dress code that emphasizes modesty, following local customs, and ensuring appropriate attire for work-related events.
Participate in industry events, seminars, conferences, and networking activities to expand professional circle and gain valuable insights.
Acquire conversational Arabic skills through classes or resources to improve business communication in Arabic.
Be sensitive to cultural dynamics, especially gender segregation, and adapt behavior and communication style to foster positive relationships.
Create a personal support network for professionals, including expatriates and locals, through social activities and online communities.
Achieve a healthy work-life balance by effectively managing time, setting boundaries, understanding workplace expectations, and prioritizing personal interests.

Saudi Arabia 360° for Professional Career Women

225 Lessons
All Levels
What you'll learn
A thorough understanding of Saudi Arabia's culture, history, heritage, Vision 2030, business etiquette, negotiation tactics, and communication styles.
Participants will have a thorough understanding of Saudi Arabia's business and cultural environment, enabling them to make wise choices and cultivate enduring relationships with local partners.
Participants will get the chance to apply their knowledge and skills in practical situations through interactive discussions and case studies.