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Cross-Cultural Management and Leadership for Professional Career Women In Saudi Arabia

24 Lessons
All Levels
What you'll learn
Acquire Saudi Arabian cultural awareness, respecting norms, traditions, values, and understanding Islamic practices for effective professional interactions.
Understanding and to follow Saudi Arabia's dress code which involves wearing an abaya in public.
Understanding Saudi society and gender segregation in workplaces, universities, and public spaces which requires professional women to adapt.
Networking within Saudi Arabia's cultural norms and gender segregation by focusing on building relationships, attending events, and using online platforms.
Adopting a respectful, consultative, and inclusive leadership style effectively navigates cultural expectations and navigating Saudi Arabia's hierarchical business culture values and respect for authority.
Learn basic Arabic phrases for effective communication and local interactions in the business world, enhancing communication and cultural engagement.
Develop evolving support systems, flexible work options, and reliable policies that can help manage work-life balance dual roles effectively.
Learn to stay updated on Saudi Arabian trends, business practices, and industry developments through professional development and attending conferences, workshops, and seminars.

Saudi Arabia 360° for Professional Career Women

225 Lessons
All Levels
What you'll learn
A thorough understanding of Saudi Arabia's culture, history, heritage, Vision 2030, business etiquette, negotiation tactics, and communication styles.
Participants will have a thorough understanding of Saudi Arabia's business and cultural environment, enabling them to make wise choices and cultivate enduring relationships with local partners.
Participants will get the chance to apply their knowledge and skills in practical situations through interactive discussions and case studies.